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    Various positions in Israeli factories from C level executives to operational management positions:

    Managers, Executives, Decision Makers, Purchasing Managers and Buyers, including: CEOs, VPs, Operations Managers, Production Managers and Production Line Managers, R&D Managers, Maintenance Managers, Scientists, Technologists, Chemists, Technicians, Machine Tool Operators, Command and Control Personnel, Quality Assurance Managers, Laboratory Managers, Analysts, Laboratory Technicians, Agronomists, Energy Managers, Installation Managers, Building and Facility Managers, Architects, Design & Development Project Managers, Procurement & Logistics Managers, Technical Managers, Factory Designers, Contractors, Entrepreneurs, Factory Managers, Technicians, Maintenance & Management Companies, Facilities and Buildings as well as Inspection Offices. Environmental Managers, Planners, Urban Engineers, Municipal Managers in Cities, Local Councils and Local Authority Offices.

    Engineers and Practical Engineers:

    Chemical Engineers and Practical Engineers, Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Command and Control Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Environmental Engineers, Maintenance Engineers, Structural Engineers, Factory Engineers, Service Engineers, Consulting Engineers, Municipal & Urban Engineers in Government Offices and Companies as well as all Security Forces, Police, IDF, etc.


    Safety and Hygiene Inspectors, Occupational Health & Safety Specialists, Safety Managers in Factories, Industry, Facilities and Institutions, both in Private and Governmental Authorities.

    Exhibition Topics

    ISRACHEM – Chemical & Process Industries
    System, Faucets Control & Automation Instrumentations Pumbs
    Hazardous Material Treatment Industrial Gases Raw Material Valves
    Measuring Instruments Chemicals Solids Handling & Transportation Industrial Waste Water Treatment
    Industrial Software (MES, PLM, ERP) Hydraulics & Pneumatics Energy Production & Transmission Storage & Packaging
    PlastEx – Technologies, Equipment &
    Instrumentation for the Plastics Industry
    Injection machines Packaging Machines Packaging Sheets Gaskets
    Nylon Plastic and Fiberglass Rubber Pressing and Cutting  Machines
    Polyethylene Molds Pipes and Containers Machines for Three-Dimensional Models
    and more…

    MelalEx- Technologies, Equipment &
    Instrumentation for the Metal Industries.
    Chip Processing Welding Soldering Milling and Engraving
    Pipes Bending Mold Making Tin and Stainless Steel Processing Polishing and Grinding
    Hot and Cold Pressing Castings and more…

    ANALIZA – Industrial Laboratories

    Measuring Instruments for the Pharmaceutical Industry  Industrial Laboratories Equipment & Measuring Instruments
    Fume Hoods Clean Rooms
    Fluid Analysis. Filters
    INDUSTRY 4.0 –  Robotics and IIoT
    Augmented Reality Automation IIoT Robotics
    Simulation Remote Control Systems Cyber Security BIG DATA
    Software and Services Hardware Cloud Computing Artificial Intelligence
    Industry 5.0 Industry 4.0
    MAINTENANCE –  Industrial & Facility Maintenance
    Industrial Plumbing Air Filtration Systems Industrial Maintenance Property & Buildings Maintenance
    Sealing and Insulation Welding Industrial Electricity and Components Preventive Maintenance
    Soldering and Finishing Waste and Recycling Cleaning Materials Pesticides
    Fire Damage Restoration of Buildings Transport and Automation Tools
    SAFEWORK – Occupational Safety & Industrial Hygiene
    Safety in Facilities and Buildings Equipment for Working at Height Storage, Handling  of Hazardous Materials Safety And Health in Workplace
    Radiation Testing  Laboratories Safety Safety and Biological Hygiene Emergency Messaging System
    Control Equipment for Hazardous Material Fire Stations  Alaram Systems Gas Extinguishing Systems
    Anti-Slip Equipment Laboratory Waste Disposal Natural Gas Treatment Protection  of Respiratory Tracts
    Emergency Lighting Systems Signage Protective Clothing Imergency Lighting
    First Aid CPR Equipment Ergonomic Equipment Natural Gas Handling

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