Conferences Sponsorship Packages

Benefits Platinum Gold
Workshop management*  
Participation in one of the sessions *  
Conference invitation tickets 6 4
Sponsor’s logo on back stage banner/screening in the conference hall
Sponsor’s logo published on the sponsors’ signage at the conference hall
Sponsor’s logo on the printed conference agenda
Sponsor’s logo on the website conference agenda
Sponsor’s logo on the conference website
Hyperlink to sponsor’s website
Sponsor’s logo on all exhibition publishing materials (daily press and professional publications)
One A4 page conference bag insert
 6 sqm. display unit (space only)
Sponsorship Cost 30,000 NIS 20,000 NIS

Additional Sponsorship Packages:

Conference Bag Insert Only: 4,500 NIS
Lanyard Exclusive Sponsorship (limited to one sponsor): 21,000 NIS. Logo of sponsor on attendee lanyards + all benefits of the Bronze sponsorship package.

* Subject to the approval of the conference chairpersons (after the lecture topic has been submitted along with a lecture summary, the lecturer’s name and a short summary about the submitter). 

 **Conference registration includes participation in all sessions, conference bag, lunch and coffee breaks.
Notes: The prices above do not include VAT. VAT will be added according to the Israeli tax regulations. 

For details please contact Ms. Ravit Mitchel, Mobile: +972-50-741-9990, Email: marketing1@stier-group.com

Participation Fees for Exhibitors

Space Rental Fees

6 sqm. Display unit
(floor space only)
9,000 NIS + VAT
Modular construction per unit
(accordint to the building specifications of the event regulations)
1,800 NIS + VAT

* VAT will be added according to the Israeli tax regulations

What’s Included in a Display Unit

  • Exhibition space
  • 1 electrical outlet of 1 kilowatt
  • 2 entrance tickets to the conference including lunch
  • 2 parking tickets
  • Listing in the exhibition catalog – a classified list of exhibiting companies (free of charge) and advertising at preferred rates.

Conditions of Registration for the Exhibition Include:

  • The exhibition brochure and its appendix.
  • Stier Group registration form for all its terms.
  • The exhibitor’s instruction manual, which is published on the Stier Group website.
  • Updates on MDR&D website which will be published occasionally.
  • Venue regulation

Technical specification includes
(See the blueprint for a 6 sqm. booth)

  • White partitions.
  • Fascia board with exhibitor’s name in Hebrew & English.
  • 1 spotlight – per each 1 frontage running meter.
  • 1 Kw electricity outlet.
  • Table – 102X52X75 cm.
  • 2 chairs.
  • 1 Shelf.

* This Picture is For Illustration Purposes Only.

Important Notes

* The exhibition plan, map and related events are subject to changes and updates.
* The exhibitors are bound by the rules appearing in this brochure, the rules of the exhibition, the Stier registration form, the exhibitor’s instruction manual and website updates which will be published from time to time.


Activity Date & Time
Set-up of Exhibition Stands Sunday, October 24, 2021  from 16:00
Opening Day Monday, October 25, 2021
Closing Day Monday, October 25, 2021
Dismantling of Stands * Monday, October 25, 2021 from closing until 21:00

* The dismantling will be possible on Monday after closing until 21:00.
The dismantling will be done at closing time only – do not disassemble the display before closing!
Please note that there must be no equipment remaining in the exhibition halls after this hour.

Space only (un-constructed area) fees

  1. Please note that this model does not include installation of the electrical outlet which must be ordered and paid for separately according to the instructions detailed in the exhibitor’s instruction manual.
  2. Exhibitors who do not use the modular construction package are subject to the instructions of the exhibition’s safety engineer (details in the exhibitor’s instruction manual) and will be required to submit a construction engineer’s approval prior to opening the exhibition.

Registration and Terms of Payment:

  1. Please complete the details on the registration form as well as:   a. First payment of 50% must be attached when submitting the registration form.  b. Final payment (50%) is due no later than 2 months prior to the event.
  2. Rates quoted as of January 2021 and are subject to change without further notice. New price list will not include companies who registered and already paid their participation fees.
  3. Prices for foreign exhibitors are exclusive of VAT (Israeli exhibitors must add V.A.T). All fees must be Linked to the “Consumer Price Index” and/or to the US$ exchange rate and only on condition that the “Consumer Price Index” and the US$ exchange rate will rise above 5% from the day on which this price list was conducted.
  4. Payment for exchange rate differentials will be made two weeks prior to the event (see details above).
  5. The setting up by the exhibitors will not be permitted prior to the settlement of all payments. The organizers will not receive any payment postponed after August 25, 2021. An exhibitor who will encounter difficulty paying the account balance until entering the premises, will be charged 2% interest per month for any delay in payment, and will provide credit card details for the security of future payment. An invoice will be issued against final payment.

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